Leading the Sporting Communities of the Future – David Twiggs

Community turning walking the puppies into a celebration.

In order to be successful in the future sporting community market you must be good at what you do; authentic, relevant and specific. You don’t need to try and attract hundreds of thousands of people in hopes someone may like your community.  You need only find the people that believe in the vision of your community.  Your tribe. This is easy to do in today interconnected world.  Being a one size fits all will not attract your tribe.  It lacks vision and specificity.  True believers are not generic; they are individuals that have chosen to excel in a chosen passion.  They don’t believe in half measures when it comes to their passion.


The wonderful thing about our creating communities is that having a successful product means giving our residents a better quality of life than they would have without us.  Quality of life is the core product. Destination communities, like people, develop a character. To be successful in today’s market you cannot be generic. You must fall within the vernacular of the lifestyle vision.  To attract your tribe; be it equestrian, golf, hunting, fishing or any nature based activity you must have the knowledge and be a serious believer in the lifestyle you advocate. In large communities, you often need a mixture of complementary subcultures to build a healthy diverse community.


Many start up communities have been developed over the last 40 years. Part of our leadership responsibility is to help shape their character into a positive and vibrant places. What a potential resident is looking for in a community varies more today than at any time in the past.  Sporting communities have become a authentic options in a world where the transient nature of our careers have moved us many times from the connection to the land we knew and understood in childhood.


The lifestyles wanted are varied. The new urbanism, new ruralism, small town life, the mountain, beach or lake lifestyles, tennis, golf, sporting, boat in, fly in, and equestrian are just a few of the amenity rich lifestyles vying for attention in the national market.   While quality of life is impacted by the quality of amenities and maintenance, these things are minimum standards that are easy to benchmark.  Belonging, the key to quality of life, is more intangible but can be equally impacted by our leadership.  Building a sense of community, opportunities for individual growth and support of chosen lifestyles are essential to building quality of life for the residents.  Too often the leadership stops at providing facilities and take little responsibility for belonging and celebrating the differences of our residents.  Building a sense of community is about creating opportunities for individual growth and social interaction.  People want to feel their lives are being well spent not that they are simply being entertained.