More than Community Mechanics

In planning a community for livability and tourism development, we must always look at the organic impact of the place on the population. Sir Ken Robinson in speaking about communities at a 2007 Urban Land Institute Conference described it this way. “Communities and organizations are living organisms. They’re made up of people with motives and feelings and values. Our organizations must be designed to recognize that, so that they nurture the people in the community and the people in them grow the community.” He goes on to say we have a tendency to have “very mechanistic views of organizations and communities. They are built on impersonal lines as though the whole thing was just a bit of machinery.” With a bureaucratic focus we are simply managers maintaining that machinery. With an integrated focus, we are forced to look at the organic nature of the community over time and this enables us be leaders shaping positive change.

Thanks to McDuffie County GA Tourism for the picture of the Belle Meade Opening Meet.